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Setup Flowchart

2. Checking package contents

3. Install Cateye Cycling™

Install the Cateye Cycling smartphone app (free) on the smartphone to be used.


1. Install Cateye Cycling™.


If using an iPhone


If using an Android smartphone


* See "Cateye Cycling™ Recommended Devices" for the latest information about smartphones recommended for use with Cateye Cycling™.


2. Launch Cateye Cycling™.

Follow the on-screen instructions and allow the use of GPS and Bluetooth® devices.

• When using an iPhone, set Location Services for Cateye Cycling™ app to [Always].• When the smartphone's Bluetooth settings are turned on, it will search for devices, but do not configure settings at this stage. Switch to Cateye Cycling™ and follow the procedure below.Important


Once basic settings are complete the Trip screen appears.

To continue, refer to "Pairing a smart computer with a smartphone".

4. Pairing a smart computer with a smartphone

5. Pairing a sensor or a Shimano DI2 system with a smartphone (If you have sensors or a DI2 system)

6. Mounting the bracket

7. Mounting the speed (cadence) sensor  (ISC-12)


8. Wearing the heart rate sensor (HR-12)


Usage Instructions