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Setup Flowchart

2. Checking package contents

● Smart computer unit

* Check button locations before starting set up.

● Accessories

Bracket band

Bracket rubber pad



* The Speed + Cadence Kit includes an integrated speed (cadence) sensor (ISC-12) in addition to the items above.


* The Triple Wireless Kit includes an integrated speed (cadence) sensor (ISC-12) and a heart rate sensor (HR-12).

3. Install Cateye Cycling™

4. Pairing a smart computer with a smartphone

5. Pairing a sensor or a Shimano DI2 system with a smartphone (If you have sensors or a DI2 system)

6. Mounting the bracket

7. Mounting the speed (cadence) sensor (ISC-12)

8. Wearing the heart rate sensor (HR-12)


Usage Instructions