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Usage Instructions

Smart computer screen

Cateye Cycling™ screen

Start measurement


• Smartphone use
When measuring, turn the smartphone display off, and with Cateye Cycling™ running, store the smartphone in a safe place such as a bag or pocket. As measurement start/pause/resume and reset operations (finish trip) can be performed remotely from smart computer, there is no need to take out your smartphone until you want to save or upload trips.

* Cateye Cycling™ can measure even when running in the background.

• Restrictions on measurement
In Mirror Mode, the maximum moving time that can be measured is approximately 1000 hours and maximum trip distance is 10000 km [6200 mile]. When either of these values is exceeded, measurement finishes and trip data is saved temporarily.
In this case, the display returns to the [
READY] (measurement standby) screen ready to start the next trip measurement.

This section explains the measurement flow and the measurement functions.

1. Connecting smart computer and smartphone

2. Performing pre-measurement preparation

3. Starting measurement

4. Pausing/resuming measurement

5. Finishing measurement (reset operation)

6. Saving and uploading trips