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Usage Instructions

What is Mirror Mode?

Mirror Mode refers to syncing smart computer with Cateye's smartphone app, Cateye Cyling™. By using smart computer with Cateye Cycling™, you can connect smart computer and optional/commercial sensors (speed, cadence, heart rate, and power), and Shimano DI2 systems with your smartphone and perform measurements while recording log information including that of your smartphone's GPS function.

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By mounting a smart computer on your handlebars, in addition to being able to operate the Cateye Cycling™ smartphone app when your smartphone is in your bag or pocket, you can also view measurement data and check if you have received any phone calls or emails.

This feature reduces smartphone battery consumption and avoids the danger of dropping your smartphone.


It is possible to upload measurement results (trip data) immediately to a service site such as Cateye Atlas™.

* Even if you do not have a sensor capable of speed measurement, you can use smart computer as a "sensorless" cyclocomputer using your smartphone's GPS function.

Smart computer screen

Cateye Cycling™ screen

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