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Switching to Sensor Direct Mode

Switch from Mirror Mode to Sensor Direct Mode.



1. Close Cateye Cycling™ or from (MENU), turn off [Connect].


Smart computer

2. From the smartphone search screen, press MODE for 1 second to switch to Sensor Direct Mode.

(1 second)Smartphone search screenMeasurement screen

* Smart computer will search for a sensor instead of your smartphone. In this mode, the sensor icon flashes to indicate sensor reception status.

S (Flash): When the speed signal is received

C (Flash): When the cadence signal is received

S/C (S and C flash simultaneously): When the speed/cadence (ISC) sensor signal is received

H (Flash): When the heart rate signal is received

P (Flash): When the power signal is received

(Flash): When the Shimano DI2 system signal is received


Sensor Direct Mode and Mirror Mode measure independently and data has no continuity.

Pairing a smart computer with a sensor

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