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Frequently Asked Questions

Reinstalling Cateye Cycling™

If Cateye Cycling™ does not operate normally, reinstalling the app may solve the problem.


1. Delete the Cateye Cycling™ app, and reinstall it.


For iPhone


For Android smartphone


2. Launch Cateye Cycling™, tap (MENU) > [General] > [Backup], and then tap [Restore].

The backed up activity list data will be restored to Cateye Cycling™.


3. Pair the smart computer to the smartphone.

Pairing a smart computer with a smartphone

Follow the steps to pair the smart computer and to configure the settings.

If using a third-party sensor with an iPhone, re-pair using the smartphone (Cateye Cycling™).
When using an optional sensor or an Android smartphone, re-pairing is not necessary. The sensor pairing information will be transferred from the smart computer when the smart computer is connected to the smartphone (Cateye Cycling™).

Pairing a sensor or a Shimano DI2 system with a smartphone


This concludes the reinstallation of Cateye Cycling™.