Cancel the pairing of the iPhone and the PADRONE SMART by following the procedure below.

1. Tap [Settings] > [Bluetooth] > [CC-PA500B] on the iPhone.

Tap “Forget This Device” to delete CC-PA500B.

2. Open Cateye Cycling™ and turn on [Connect] under (Menu) once again to connect to the PADRONE SMART.

3. After the PADRONE SMART is connected, the [Bluetooth Pairing Request] dialog will be displayed. Without tapping anything, press MODE on the PADRONE SMART for 1 second to begin measurement.

* To start measurement using Cateye Cycling™, tap “Back”.


Tapping [Pairing] on the [Bluetooth Pairing Request] dialog will make measurement impossible again.

* If you cannot find the appropriate symptom, see “Frequently Asked Questions”.

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