No sensor signal is received at the start of measurement

Sensor connection may take some time immediately after starting.

If the sensor would not connect, try the following solutions in order starting from the top.

Switch the smart computer to smartphone search, and then return to Sensor Direct Mode once again.


1. Press and hold MODE for 1 second to switch to smartphone search.

Smartphone search (Mirror Mode)

(1 second)

2. Press and hold MODE for 1 second once again to return to Sensor Direct Mode.

Measurement screen

(1 second)

Confirm that the sensor is connected.

Are you also using another smartphone application that is connecting to the Bluetooth sensor?

Stop using multiple apps simultaneously, or change the applications’ settings so that it does not connect to Bluetooth sensors, then confirm that the sensor is connected.

Turn off Bluetooth on your smartphone, as the sensor may be connected to the smartphone.

Confirm that the sensor connection is restored.

* It is recommended that Bluetooth is turned off on your smartphone when the sensor disconnects easily.

Are you also using other wireless devices simultaneously (including other Bluetooth products)?

Stop using the devices simultaneously and check whether the sensors can connect to the unit.

Press the RESET button on the sensor that cannot connect.


Speed/Cadence sensor (ISC-12)



Heart rate sensor (HR-12)


Confirm that the sensor is connected.

* If you cannot find the appropriate symptom, see “Frequently Asked Questions”.

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